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Meet Our Doctorat Curahomeo, where expertise meets compassion. Our dedicated professionals are committed to providing personalized care, ensuring your journey to wellness is guided by experienced hands.

Dr. Prashant Mohan Singh

Dr. Prashant Mohan Singh is a 3rd Generation Homeopath of Renowned Homeopathic Family which holds experience of about 30 years. Dr. Singh is well experienced in Giving Rapid & Permanent Cure to number of Chronic Diseases like KIDNEY DISORDERS, PILES, RESPIRATORY DISEASES, GASTRIC OR LIVER DISORDERS, MALE SEXUAL PROBLEMS , FEMALE DISEASES, RHEUMATIC ARTHRITIS, GOUT, OSTEOARTHRITIS, SKIN PROBLEMS and Many more . Dr. Prashant goes with the holistic approach for treating any Chronic diseases which includes Diet & Regime along with Suitable Homeopathic Medicines .His way of Treatment is Rapid and Side Effect Free which is a Unique Trait for a Homeopathic Physician.

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